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  1. Of three clerkship recommendations, how many should come from a professor, and how many from an employer (presumably a legal employer)? Traditional wisdom is that the preference is for three professors, but perhaps that has changed since there has been more of an emphasis on getting practical experience, both from law graduates generally, and clerks specifically? (I say two from professors, one from an employer, assuming it would be a strong recommendation -- but I'm curious what others recommend.)

    1. Hi Sarah. I think that it depends on who you are, who your recommendations come from, and to whom you are sending your application. (As with most things in life, it boils down to two of the most frustrating words in the English language: "it depends.")

      If you're coming straight out of law school, you should consider using 3 academic references or, as you suggest,ed 2 academic references and one professional reference. If you're applying after working for some period of time, using a professional reference becomes much more important.

      Your references should relate to your recent legal experience, and should speak about you in both a personal and professional context. If your references can't do that... you should consider finding new references.

      I hope that this helps.

  2. One of the district court judges listed the hours for a clerkship in his chambers as Monday through Thursday 7:30-6; Friday 7:30-5:00 and Saturday 9:30-4:30. I am used to very long hours, I worked three years in a law firm, but is this fairly normal for a clerkship? Thanks in advance!!

  3. no. sounds like spatt. many others far more humane. spatts pretty humane himself, just likes to work.

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